Motherhood, small biz and essential oils with Megan from Six Rays Co

Motherhood, small biz and essential oils with Megan from Six Rays Co

"I know that by taking care of me and my own happiness, I am a much better mum. I think it’s so important for people to know that self-care is not selfish. You can’t show up for the people you love and give them 100% if you’re not taking care of you."

Megan is the owner of Six Rays Co, a business selling gorgeous vessels and diffusers for all of your essential oil creations. (And an incredible mother to 6 kids…)

We hope you love hearing all about her beautiful business, low-tox lifestyle and her self-care journey.



Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to be doing what you’re doing

I’m Megan, single mumma to six kids ages 9 down to 4, and I live on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. I own and run an e-commerce store, Six Rays Co, selling essential oil glassware, diffusers, jewellery and accessories.

In 2020 I found myself in the long Melbourne lockdowns alone with my six rays of sunshine and maybe going a little crazy. I have a background in small business management and have spent most of the last 8 or so years working in the building industry, so e-commerce was a huge shift for me. 

However, I was keen for a positive and creative outlet, and I adore beautiful things, whether that’s décor or clothing etc. I had recently started on a journey to a low tox lifestyle and using essential oils, and it all really started when I wanted Rose Gold glassware to mix my oils in and couldn’t find any sold in Australia. So, I sourced some, and our very first collection was born.


Your brand is obviously centred around aromatherapy and self-care. How important is self-care to you? 

Self-care is SO important. As women and/or as mothers, we often try to do it all and sacrifice ourselves to do it. I know for sure that when I take care of myself and take time out for me, I am a better friend, sister, mother etc.




What are some of the benefits of using essential oils? 

Where to even begin with this one!! In the world today, we are surrounded by chemicals and toxins from our cleaning products to makeup and even our food. So firstly, for me, it's finding low tox or non-chemical options for cleaning and skin care. But also, there are so many amazing ways you can use oils for your mental and physical health and wellness.


What are some different ways to use essential oils?

You can make an oil blend for just about anything, for example, sleep, anxiety, head tension, a runny nose etc. But there are also so many other cool ways to use oils. My favourites would be face serum, natural perfume and DIY bath salts.

You’ll find that making your own skincare or just about anything with essential oils generally works out more cost-effective than the store-bought varieties, but you actually know what you’re putting in those products, so you know they’re safe for you and your family or pets.


For those new to aromatherapy, what are a few essential oils that you think are MUST-haves?

  • Lavender – it’s so versatile but in particular great for relaxation.
  • Lemon or Orange – they have such a fresh scent they’re great for cleaning products and diffusing for lifting your mood.
  • Peppermint – amazing for head tension, nausea, and also refreshing to diffuse.


Do you have a favourite blend? What is it? Why? 

My favourite is Young Living’s Stress Away. I have been obsessed since I first discovered it. It’s this gorgeous blend that includes vanilla, cedarwood, lime and more. I love to use it as a perfume or diffuse it with a couple of drops of peppermint.




What is a simple pleasure or daily ritual that brings you joy? 

Every morning I usually get up early before the kids and turn on my diffuser, make a coffee and journal. This time is so sacred to me; it gives me time to get my mindset right and start the day positively and with intention.


Have there been any silver linings for you over the past year?

I have had a couple of not-so-great years, in particular moving from Qld to Melbourne right into the long lockdowns. It was a very isolating time for me and the impossible task of juggling six kids on my own and working from home. I was very depressed, and all I could do was keep taking it one day at a time and trusting things would change. I know so many have similar stories. 

Thankfully we are back home in Qld now, and I have such a huge silver lining in that I am so determined not to take this life I have for granted again. I almost lost myself during that time, and now I am very much in the middle of a journey back from that. I am going to great lengths to prioritise my alone time.

I’ve been seeing a personal trainer at the gym twice a week, which I love as well as finding time to visit the beach and nature both alone and with my kids. I know that by taking care of me and my own happiness, I am a much better mum. I think it’s so important for people to know that self-care is not selfish. You can’t show up for the people you love and give them 100% if you’re not taking care of you.



What do you do for yourself when you need to slow down or take a break?

Definitely getting outside in nature, either a mountain hike or beach walk. I also love a long soak in the bath with my diffuser blasting, some chill music, a good book and a cheeky glass of red wine.


Do you have a favourite quote or mantra? What is it?

You surpass 50% of everyone by just being consistent.

Being a single mum and business owner, I am super time-poor, which can be really discouraging at times when I’m working on a goal, whether that be health or work etc.

I’m very much about doing at least one thing every day. If I move my body every day, whether that’s an hour or 15 minutes, I am still working towards my fitness goals. If I tick one thing off my work to-do list, I am one step closer to where I want to be.

And by doing something every day, you create momentum. If you wait until you can dedicate a big chunk of time to your goal, you’re probably never going to start, or if you do, you’ll potentially be years behind someone who chose to start now and work at it a little every day.


Name three things you can’t live without

My Six Rays of Sunshine. Coffee. Nature Walks. 


Where can we follow along with what you’re doing?

The main place I hang out is Instagram @sixraysco. I love to chat, so don’t be afraid to send me a DM. If you’d like to check out my store, you can find us at


Can you give friends of Rosy Thoughts a special discount? 

I would love to. Just head to my website and use the code ROSYTHOUGHTS10 for 10% off storewide.

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