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Mood Booster

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SEND SUNSHINE IN A BOX! Perfect for when you or your besties need a little pick me up, this bright little box has lots of goodies to boost your mood!


1 x Kindness Book

A gorgeous little book with over 150 inspirational tips and quotes to change the world one smile at a time.

1 x Sherbet Rainbow Candle

This mago & papaya scented candle elevates any space with its sculpted form and unique scent. Moulded from clay and poured with sustainable soy wax, these artworks are just as much a piece of decor as a light source. A design that will stand the test of time whilst creating good vibes in any room.

1 x Uplift Essential Oil Roller

This uplifting and mood enhancing blend promotes confidence, self love, hope, positivity and optimism through mind, body and soul.

1 x You're Blooming Awesome Seed Pack

Because gardening releases stress and makes you happier! Plant these adorable seeds to grow your own dahlia flowers!

1 x Lemonade Bath Salts

When life gives you lemons draw yourself a bath and make some lemonade. This 100g Lemonade Botanical Salt Soak is a delicious mix of Epsom salt, dried Lemon slices and Lemon essential oil. Like floating in a cup of lemonade, this soak will help you get your groove back.

1 x Sparkling Jasmine Water

Sugar Free. Botanically Infused. Positively Charged. Jasmine Water is associated with love and blooms only in the evening. It’s aroma has been known to stimulate the release of serotonin and enhance your mood. It also has aphrodisiac effects leaving you feeling romantic.

1 x Orange and Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Zesty sun ripened Valencia oranges and slow roasted hazelnuts meet house blend chocolate. 



All products are packaged inside our white wellness box with 100% recyclable shredded paper filling. The box is then tied up with 100% compostable jute ribbon and we add a little "with love" note. The wellness box is packaged in an outer a shipping box to keep your goodies safe and secure.



Standard shipping is free with any wellness box! If you're needing your wellness box sooner, express shipping is available at the checkout for an additional $7.

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