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Breathe in... And out... Unwind and experience calm with this gorgeous combination of relaxing products.


1 x Self-Care Book

A gorgeous little book with over 150 inspirational tips and quotes to show the way to a living caring, confident, mindful and happy life.

1 x Weighted Eye Pillow 

Infused with lavender, the pillow is designed to soothe tired eyes by providing gentle pressure around the eye and temple area.

1 x Calm Essential Oil Roller

This soul soothing blend assists in balancing emotions, reducing anxious feelings and providing feelings of tranquillity through mind, body and soul.

1 x Rancho Relaxo Herbal Tea

A beautifully delicious blend of potent herbs, specific for aiding in periods of stress and anxiety. Used to invoke peace and calm in the mind and body, perfect before meditation and essential when suffering bouts of insomnia and restlessness. Sip mindfully and enjoy.

1 x Organic Milk Chocolate Bar

Madagascan cacao from the Somia Plantation, combined with organic milk. The combination is distinctively creamy with notes of caramel & shortbread.

1 x French Pear Candle Tin 

100% organic soy wax candle with a rich and juicy essence of crisp fresh fruit, blended with creamy vanilla bean and a hint of cinnamon.


All products are packaged inside our white wellness box with 100% recyclable shredded paper filling. The box is then tied up with 100% compostable jute ribbon and we add a little "with love" note. The wellness box is packaged in an outer a shipping box to keep your goodies safe and secure.



Standard shipping is free with any wellness box! If you're needing your wellness box sooner, express shipping is available at the checkout for an additional $7.


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